Shufflepuck REVOLUTION

Shufflepuck REVOLUTION 3.2

Basic air hockey simulator


  • 3D graphics and 12 opponents
  • Realistic movements


  • Poor graphics and background
  • Doesn't work well with trackpad


Air Hockey is one of my favorite arcade games (apart from those machines where you have to shove 2 cents down a slot and knock another 2 cents off).

Shufflepuck Revolution is a virtual version of Air Hockey and you won't get hit in the face by a stray puck or run out of 50 cents to put in the slot. Shufflepuck Revolution features 3D graphics and super fast shooting action. There are 12 characters and opponents to choose from but you can also play against another player with a split screen.

There are a few bonuses and extras thrown in if you make double rebounds but the aim is the same as the original - to try and get the puck down your opponents slot. The movement of the paddles and puck is extremely realistic although it would have been nice to have seen some brighter graphics and perhaps an arcade background - as it is the table seems to be suspended in mid air! You can press 'b' when your boss enters the room to hide the game and 'c' will change the camera perspective as well.

Shufflepuck Revolution is a great air hockey simulator that will have fans of the classic game coming back for more.

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Shufflepuck REVOLUTION


Shufflepuck REVOLUTION 3.2

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